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Sunday, June 1, 2014


 Unless you're a total minimalist, at some point you'll want to create some interesting displays or little vignettes in your home. You'll want to display your passions, your souvenirs, your personality in these. Not everyone has the knack for creating perfectly balanced or even lovely asymmetrical displays. But anyone can learn.
There are lots of ideas on how to create perfect vignettes and displays but my favorites are by COLOR or THEME and by using the TRIANGLE method. By color or theme is pretty self-explanatory. You'll see some examples of this in the following photos. 
For the triangle method, you'll gather your objects together: horizontal, vertical, solid or geometric with softer, curvier ones, combining a wide array of textures and materials - a little ceramic, glass, mirror, wood and so forth. Place your tallest items first, then add some other objects to the mix. You'll want to arrange and rearrange until you have an imaginary triangle and it looks well balanced. Not perfectly symmetrical. Anyone can do that. The idea is to have an interesting display that pleases the eye and doesn't look too overly decorated or too haphazard. You can use boxes, books, candle holders, pottery, etc. to lift shorter objects to the right height for your display. 
Here are some great examples of the triangle method. See if you can't visualize the triangle. 
This is a fairly obvious triangle, basically symmetrical, from Look at it overall and you'll see the wide base 
of the triangle as the table and the apex of the triangle as the skull.
A nice example of an asymmetrical triangle with the tip of the plant
being the tip of the triangle. 
Imagine a loose triangle here even though the top objects are flat.
And this entire display is a perfect triangle.

Have you got it now? Following are some lovely and interesting examples of 

displays and vignettes applying various methods including the triangle, theme or color. 
You're sure to find great ideas and maybe the perfect way to display in your home! Enjoy!
Gabriel Hendifar

All unattributed photos are apartmenttherapy or pinterest.

 Ethnic Cottage Decor

 Country Living
 decoratorsnotebook blog
Delphine Peek

Abigail Ahern 
Inverted triangle. Ethnic Cottage Decor.

Abigail Ahern
 Todd Richesin above and below


 Country Living