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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Call it Global or whatever you like...

Global chic. Nomad decor. International design. Exotic decor. Ethnic Design. Safari Chic. The list goes on. Whatever you choose to call it, there are no signs of this beloved style abating. Global Chic is a combination of contemporary home design and global influencing. However, the specific type of global, ethnic or exotic influence you choose will vary, which makes this particular style so personal. Before the web you had to fly countless miles to gain access to global goods. Thanks to the internet you can now pick up carpets from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, shop for French antiques at the Paris flea markets, or buy handmade textiles from Africa. You can travel the globe without leaving home. 

What makes Ethnic Cottage decor unique is the addition of Cottage style to the Global Chic style. Layering textiles, art and accessories from different cultures could result in a warm atmosphere. But adding the Cottage Style to it assures you'll want to curl up and never leave! Cozy, warmth, character, comfy are all words Cottage decor conjures up. So imagine adding the Cottage to the Global. You come up with Ethnic Cottage Decor and following are lots of examples for you to enjoy!

By the way, my favorite magazines for this style are Elle Decor and the queen of all design magazines, World of Interiors.


Nate Berkus perfection
Muriel Brandolini

Peter Dunham residence

All unattributed photos from Apt Therapy.

Robert Brown, Atlanta

Secret Bebere

Lorenzo Castillo

Lotus Bleu

One Kings Lane

Simon Upton

Jeffrey Bilhuber

One Kings Lane
Jay Jeffers