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Sunday, May 5, 2013

LIVING ROOMS...Rooms to LIVE in!

In the past, I've written a lot about the ethnic cottage style of decor...for those new to the blog, here's a brief summary from some of my past posts. Followed by some GREAT ECD living rooms...rooms to LIVE in!!!

ETHNIC - adj. pertaining to, characteristic of, or deriving from a specific group, nation, tribe or culture
COTTAGE STYLE decor is like comfort food - a warm welcome after a hard day

  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Adventure + Comfort
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Global + Shabby Chic
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Pier 1 + Pottery Barn
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = World Market + Ballard Designs
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = British Colonial + English Cottage
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Bohemian + Romantic Country
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = International + Traditional
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Animals + Funky
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Elle Decor + Romantic Homes
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Cultural + Rustic Country
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Mediterranian + Vintage
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Chinoiserie + Paris Apt
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Safari Chic + Eclectic
  • And much, much more!
Add a LOT of IMAGINATION to all of the above! 
So you see, it's the juxtaposition of interior elements of a global, cultural nature plus a warm, homey cottage atmosphere. It adds up to WOW! Never ever boring!

And why would anyone want a "cookie cutter" home? Who wouldn't want their home to be personal and represent themselves?


If you were the bohemian child of foreign ambassadors who loved travel and adventure…if you love to go to a friend’s home decorated with warm colors, comfortable furniture and homey scents…if you like to accent your granny’s antiques with globes, maps and books about travel…if you like to pick up quirky things from nature and pair them with your flea market treasures…if you love old fashioned rooms with comfy overstuffed furnishings mixed with sculpture or art from cultures foreign to you…you’d be a lover of Ethnic Cottage Décor!
And ECD is so easy. You can use what you already have on hand! You may already be incorporating some elements of this versatile style into your home – without even know it. It’s mixing Safari or Global décor with Vintage or Shabby Chic. It’s combining World Market with French Country. Yet it’s so much more than eclectic. It’s the combination of the romance of your travels and journeys – real or imagined – with the warmth and charm of an old English cottage. It’s taking a kilim pillow, a pillow with a French quotation and uniting them with an oversized, cozy sofa.  It’s as if you just came home from a fabulous vacation on another continent to your charming cabin and scattered your souvenirs about the room. The resulting assemblage of your mismatched treasures should always be comfortable and fascinating!


I hope you’ll join me in enjoying these inspiring living rooms... see if you can't identify the Ethnic AND the Cottage!

Bungalow Classic
Elle Decor - William Frawley awesomeness!
Apartment Therapy 
Ralph Lauren
Pottery Barn
Carolina Irving
Apartment Therapy
Pottery Barn
Kit Kemp book - A Living Space
Dwell Studio
Sibella Court coolness - she has a new book coming out later this year!!

Architectural Digest
Elle Decor
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Elle Décor
Ralph Lauren
Sarah Alex Brady house
Sarah Alex Brady house
Traditional Home
Elle Decor - Alex Papachristidis 
Elle Decor - Alex Papachristidis
Apartment Therapy
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Bill Cook awesomeness!
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Bill Cook 
pinterest dreaminess
Elle Decor - Ellen DeGeneres talent!

pinterest - a longtime favorite of mine - ECD perfection!
Robin De Groot
World of Interiors
Elle Decor - Alex Papachristidis
Curious Sofa
Zsa Zsa Bellagio
Rebecca Purcell - from my favorite design book of all time: INTERIOR ALCHEMY
This photo and all below are from

Sibella Court - LOVE her designs and her books!