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Monday, September 12, 2016


If you've not thought of using vintage in your decor, you're missing out on a wonderful way to add distinctiveness to your home. If you are using vintage in your decor, you will love reading this short post and maybe learning a thing or two!

As an interior designer, I believe my forte has been finding and utilizing unusual artwork in the home. For years the copy shop was my design best friend. In my own home I have a 36" X 48" print of a vintage photograph on my living room wall as a focal point. I have have this for years and never tire of it and it's always a conversation piece. I like to have visitors guess the year :-)

A great place to find unique and personal artwork is Etsy. Etsy is the eBay of the art - and now -vintage world. The offerings are uncommon and extremely varied so that you're sure to find some things you love! In my Etsy shoppe, Stardust & Roses, I've started offering INSTANT ART. That's vintage or antique ephemera, photographs, paintings, and more that can be downloaded instantly. Most are sized to fit a standard 8X10 mat or frame, unless noted. You pay, print, frame and voila! instant art. (Of course you can resize them and all images are high resolution.) You can also use them in a myriad of arts and crafts projects. Mixed media, altered art, dolls, greeting cards, gifts, etc. Your imagination is the limit!

Here are some samples and, unfortunately, Etsy has required the use of watermarks. The watermark is not on the printable art you choose! Hope you find some inspiration and head to Etsy to check out my shoppe and so many other wonderful, creative shops as well.