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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I believe your home can reflect who you are, where you've been, the adventures you've experienced, yet be so warm and inviting no one will ever want to leave...including yourself! Ethnic Cottage Decor is the hint of travel, foreign tales and mysteries untold united with the cuddle-up warmth and comfort of a classic cottage. 

We spent the month of December on our Art Gallery Wall Contest ( and since this month everyone is so busy, I've decided to just post some inspiring pictures I've been collecting for you. Some that I found inspiring, some of my own cottage vignettes, and some I just thought everyone would appreciate!
The new year will soon be upon us and most folks - myself included - look at this as a clean slate, a beginning, a fountainhead of time to do and experience new things. So, may 2014 be a great year for you and yours and may you find some inspiring design ideas here today! Enjoy...

All photos from Pinterest  or Apartment Therapy unless otherwise noted. 


Ethnic Cottage Decor

Vintage hats at

Sibella Court

Carol Bolton Hicks

Maybe my favorite little bedroom ever! (above)

Magnolia Pearl

Ethnic Cottage Decor

Elle Decor


Not Your Average Lil Pink House

Artist Mary Whyte

Divine Da Vinci

Fabrizio Rollo

I like to think this is true :-)

Vintage Victoria magazine 

More Magnolia Pearl

Gregory Colbert photography

Color inspiration

The always awesome Alex Papachristidis

Real inspiration

Ellen DeGeneres in Elle Decor

Abigail Ahern

My map divider!

All photos below from

More Sibella Court awesomeness