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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It's well past time for some new rooms to inspire you in the Ethnic Cottage style! Global decorating is becoming more and more popular. It's so easy and so much fun to add that element of travel and mystery to your surroundings. Even better if your decor is filled with actual souvenirs that remind you regularly of great memories. Enjoy this new collection of great ECD rooms!

ETHNIC - adj. pertaining to, characteristic of, or deriving from a specific group, nation, tribe or culture
COTTAGE STYLE decor is like comfort food - a long welcome after a hard day



Let's begin with some equations:
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Global + Shabby Chic
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Pier 1 + Pottery Barn
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = World Market + Ballard Designs
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = British Colonial + English Cottage
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Bohemian + Romantic Country
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = International + Traditional
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Animals + Funky
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Elle Decor + Romantic Homes
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Cultural + Rustic Country
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Mediterranian + Vintage
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Chinoiserie + Paris Apt
  • Ethnic Cottage Decor = Safari Chic + Eclectic
  • And much, much more!

Add a LOT of IMAGINATION to all of the above! 
So you see, it's the juxtaposition of interior elements of a global, cultural nature plus a warm, homey cottage atmosphere. It adds up to WOW! 
In my own home I've had these reactions, almost verbatim:
  • This is the most comfortable, homiest home I've ever been in!
  • I love how everywhere you look there's something interesting to see.
  • Is that African or Indian?
  • I love this room and yet my husband would love it too.
  • You've got things I've never seen anywhere else!
The last is my favorite! Why would anyone want a "cookie cutter" home? Who wouldn't want their home to be personal and represent themselves?

For this blog explaining Ethnic Cottage Decor, I'm going to give you some samples of my own home as well as some excellent examples I've found recently on the internet. I like to attribute photos to the source whenever possible. 

All of the above photos are from Apartment Therapy
Awesome Decorology
Ben Pentreath
Bijou and Boheme blog

Above photos Elle Decor
Grant Gibson awesomeness!
India Hicks

Miles Redd
Miles Redd
One Kings Lane
One Kings Lane - Wendy Haworth

Steven Gambrel - a fave of mine

Photos above from Apartment Therapy

Photos above from Ben Pentreath
Bijou and Boheme Blog
Brent Heeb
My own little Ethnic Cottage
Charlotte Moss
Elle Decor

One Kings Lane

Photo  below