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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Revival of Vintage in Atlanta

Some friends and I planned to go the The Revival of Vintage on April 13th ~ and we had a blast! First of all, the old Goat Farm - The Goat Farm Arts Center - in midtown is an awesome venue. Plenty of FREE parking close to the site, rustic buildings with their great patina and character, lots of room for the crowds to mill around and not become too crowded, live music - an amazing guitarist outside when we were there on Saturday - and best of all, INCREDIBLY TALENTED ARTISTS!
I had planned a lengthy blog with photos but my camera had other plans that day! That's why I'm missing some of the talented folks I wanted to feature.
Following are a few photos I was able to salvage as well as some great photos that were from a Google search of the occasion. 
Make sure you attend the next Revival of Vintage in'll love it!  

We loved these collages, art and sayings:
This lovely couple said everyone loves their faucet "hooks" (behind them)!
Don't you just love these vintage brooch bridal bouquets? Featured on Martha Stewart! - They have the most beautiful hand-dyed ribbons and trims I've seen anywhere!

One of our faves:
This awful, blurry photo is My Bad. The subjects were this lovely lady, Bianca, and her adorable assistant, Bijou. I wanted to take Bijou home with me! She gave us a tour of their wares and could sell ice to an Eskimo. I bought vintage cuff links for my brother and my friend bought some vintage bow ties as well. 
Consignment's Cousin Vintage:
I thought this little gal was a HUGE talent. Nicole Mitchell from Warner Robins, Ga. She had many treasures in the Shabby Chic style and is very creative with wood work also. Take a peek at another one of her handmade treasures below on this blog... And keep an eye on her!   
When we walked into the main auditorium our eyes instantly went to the bright and colorful designs of Finding Fabulous! So talented, Lolly and her daughter, Madison, were very popular vendors at the show. - These are the coolest! 
And by the way, I am now the proud owner of the lampshade below :-)  Made by my friend, Lolly, on the left. That's her daughter, Madison, on the right and they are the talent behind Finding Fabulous in Blairsville, Georgia!

Some of my photos that didn't turn out so well were of the following vendors. You can take a look at their sites for some more great vintage finds!

Cindy Dail from Oxford, Ga, a very cool folk artist:
Julie Murphree, Atlanta, Ga. Some lovely bottle cap jewelry:
Gorgeous vintage and handmade jewelry:
Amazing, gorgeous designs:
Inspired vintage wedding designs at The Revival of Vintage:
Loving Diva Diva Boutique in Alpharetta, Ga:
Who knew you could rent it?!!!

The most gorgeous handmade pillows, custom drapes, etc: One Unique, Canton, Ga 770-710-2626
VERY cool bohemian jewelry:
This is some of my favorite jewelry EVER:
Fascinating signs and sayings: